We are a dealer for SuperForm ICF. These are the strongest ICFs on the market. SuperForm ICFs have more ties per square ft. than any other ICF on the market. ICFs create the most energy efficient building possible. ICFs can withstand up to 250MPH winds. We can sell you the blocks and fiberglass rebar (or you can source metal rebar) or we can do a turnkey job on the basement, stem wall, storm shelter, or above-ground walls. We have Plumwall all-in-one bracing for rent if you would like to do it yourself. We will supply you with all the accessories you will need to get the project completed!


We stock some of the more common ICFs. Superform will drop ship direct to your location if you need enough product.

Just some of the items Superform makes and sells:

  • ICF straight block in 4″, 6″, 6.5″, and 8″
  • ICF T’s in 6,” 6.5″, and 8″
  • ICF corners in 4″ 6″ 6.5″ and 8″
  • ICF 45* in 6″, 6.5″, and 8″
  • ICF top block in 6″, 6.5″, and 8″
  • Gorilla buck in 6″ and 8″
  • 3″ height adjusters
  • Waterproofing solutions
  • Fiberglass rebar ranging in size from no. 3 to no. 8
  • Hydropanel foam board for in floor heating
  • EPS panels
  • EIFS panels
  • ICF hangers